Thursday, November 30, 2006

UFOs and FOs (no, really!)

No, really, I do occasionally have finished (or almost finished, or at least in progress) items! I've been making batts like crazy, mostly from this Coopworth roving that I bought ages ago from an ebay seller. I liked it, the colors were nice, and it was good yarn for felting and things like bags and such, but the roving quality wasn't the best. It's a small farm and they process their own fibers, so the roving wasn't blended well (more like strips of different colors just next to each other) and there were parts where one of the colors dropped out completely. So I decided to run them through the carder, and voila! Gorgeous!

And what's this? Why, it's a sock! (yes, it's blurry, sorry!)

And what's THIS?!! Why, it's the other one sock (as my daughter says)

Wow! It really is! A PAIR of socks! Finished within a couple of weeks of each other! No, REALLY! These are Wyvern from Marnie Maclean, a GREAT pattern!

I also finally finished all the bands for Kepler. Here are the sleeve bands blocking on my mattress a la Harlot. Yes, I realize they aren't even, I fixed it after I took the pic.

Here's the first 2 inches or so of sleeve 1. Moving right along! I LOVE THIS YARN! Kathmandu Aran tweed in a great olive-y green color.

And check out how those cables pop!

There are more, but I've used all my Flickr for this month, and Blogger's being a bit of a poop.


Blogger Kat said...

Dude, those cables are awesome! I will have to check out that yarn sometime. Also, yay for drum-carder-ness! I still haven't gotten much use out of mine since I've been more on a knitting kick than a spinning kick (though I've discovered I can do the latter with the finger splint on).

I'll post pictures of the handspun sock progress soon. I'm still on the first, a few inches from the toe. It seems pretty stalled out at the moment.

12/04/2006 8:59 AM  

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