Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm floored.

And here's fibery stuff cuz I promised:

Samples on their way to San Francisco Craft Mafia's Mafia Made Trunk Show. These little babies will be in goodie bags they give out at the show. Hopefully they'll drum up some more business for Black Cat! Thanks for the opportunity to join, Barbe!

Here is Wyvern, three repeats in. I think the yarn is probably a little too busy for the pattern, but I'm loving both right now too much to stop! And I LOVE the toe-up sock! The toe is WAY more comfortable than the top down sock I knit. Yay toe up!


Blogger natasha said...

i am so behind on my blogs that i just realized you mentioned now. geez i am so sorry! if you want to talk on the phone about your spinning issues, or set up to visit for a day and i can sit down with you, that would be super fun! when i ply with thread, depending on the look i am going for, i let the yarn kind of just spin onto the thread. again, email me if you want to talk and i will send ya my digits. or email me yours, i have vonage, so it is free!

oh, also, there is a book called sensational knitted socks that is great and has multiple methods to make each pattern, and then several variations on each pattern. i use magic loop for socks and it is muc much much nicer!

what is craftland?

11/25/2006 12:45 AM  

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