Sunday, October 28, 2007


Ever see someone wearing a sweater that you could swear was handknit, only to find out it wasn't? I was at a Weight Watchers meeting this morning, knitting on a sock, and this older, very well-dressed and -coiffed woman came in wearing the most stunning sweater! It looked like it started in a circle along her one side, and the pattern circled out from there. It was a raglan with a ribbed collar (measuring less than an inch, I'd guess) and ribbed cuffs. And the color? Oh, the color was the best part! Predominantly a dusky lime green, with swaths of berry that slowly blended from the lime green, and then became the only color, and then blended back to the green. The yarn looked like a Noro yarn or something, rustic, not a solid green but flecked and just damned interesting. And the stripes CURVED off the main circular motif at her side. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I asked her if she'd knit it, and she told me she wasn't talented enough to knit (a nice compliment, since I was knitting my vanilla stockinette sock at the time). I didn't have the nerve (or the thought, really) to ask her where she'd purchased it, and while I was DYING to pull out my cell phone and snap a pic, I didn't. Now I'm wishing I had. SUCH a gorgeous piece of work!


Blogger Carrie said...

Yeah, people look at me a bit oddly when I whip out my digital camera, but I do it anyway! No one has said no yet, but they have looked a bit nervous =) The sweater sounds amazing. Perhaps she'll wear it again?

10/31/2007 10:41 AM  

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