Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dyeing to Dye!

So! Excited!

I got an email update from loop yesterday, and they are having a sock yarn dyeing class with Beth Casey of LORNA'S LACES! I LOVE LL! And I've been DYING to learn to dye sock yarn (ha ha, yes, pun intended), really dying to learn ANYTHING fiber related from a pro - be it spinning, dyeing, carding, what-have-you. I dropped a quick email to Col, figuring she'd like to get in on the fun, and figuring it would be nice to have a buddy to drive into the city with! I checked my email at work every two seconds until she emailed back, and was on the phone to the friendly ladies at loop in a flash when she emailed back to tell me she was in. For $24, you get TWO skeins of the LL base yarn, and the opportunity to spend 2 hours dyeing with Beth, and hear about how she started her business (the opportunity to pick the brain of a successful woman in the fiber biz is irresistible!) What's not to love? It'll be a nice diversion, too, from house-related things (we're having an open house on October 14, and probably a big yard sale with my in-laws October 21 - oh, and we got positive feedback from our first - and so far only - is priced well, shows nicely, and the buyer just wasn't interested because he just started house-hunting. Maybe he'll be back! And we're thinking of putting an offer in on a house we really love, but that's priced too high, in the hopes that the seller, after having had his house listed for almost 8 months with no offers - because it's really priced too high - will take ours - ha ha! And isn't this the longest parenthetical ever?), medical problems for both me and Hurricane (possibly serious for both of us, but hopefully not), and just the stress of being back at work - albeit part time.

Can't wait till October 20!


Blogger Briana - Horse Hound Knit Spin said...

Ooooo…you’re most recent scarf is so pretty, great choice of yarn. I looked for your email but couldn't find it so I thought I'd leave a comment.

Thank you! I wasn’t sure, it’s good to hear. I like the new Lady E a lot better now. Since I’m taking out so many colors I have to go buy a few more skeins though. I’d LOVE to have it for chilly Rhinebeck in a few weeks, but I’ve been slow.

As for Ireland, I’m still nursing the wounds of that disappointment. I thought it would get better but it’s getting worse, it will be fine soon I hope. Isn’t Ireland the most amazing place?!

Have fun at your class, it sounds SO GREAT! It's almost close enough for me to drive to....tempting.
Cheers, Briana

10/03/2007 10:12 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

Why, oh WHY, do you have to live in Pennsylvania??? That class sounds awesome. Good luck on the house you want, and the one you're selling. It's great to read someone so excited and upbeat. You've cheered my morning.

Good luck on your medical, and your husbands. I'm sending good wishes. Let us know!

10/09/2007 6:35 AM  

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