Sunday, January 29, 2006

(Hand-dyed) Fiber is Good for You!

This is going to be a photo heavy post...lots of fiber that I've been dyeing over the past week or so. I only have a stainless steel stockpot and a relatively large turkey roaster, so to get the kind of color control I want, I can only dye up to about 4 oz. at once, so that's what most of these are. Names to be thought of later!

First off, one would think orange Wilton's would least a little! I mean, red+yellow=orange, right? Nope.
Yet the black Wilton's again splits beautifully! I wish you could hold this fiber in your hand and look closely at the different changes the colors make! It ranges from dark almost black greens to dark blues, purples, lighter purples, it's crazy! Will spin up to a gorgeous yarn! Can't wait!

This one is going to be called either "Daffodilly", or, if I can find the actual name of the daffodil I'm thinking of, the proper name. It's a gorgeous pale pale creamy yellow with the palest of pale green accents, and slight touches of pink. I know there's a designer daffodil out there (hmm...or maybe it's a tulip? One of those ruffly ones? Now I REALLY have to double-check myself!) that has the exact colors in it...and the pink came about by accident because I forgot to rinse my dyepot out before dyeing a new batch of fiber (a happy little accident, as Bob Ross would say!)

This one would have to be my favorite so far. I was literally jumping up and down over the dyepot as I saw this one splitting - and my daughter, who is almost 2 and has reached that "Let me mimic everything Mommy does" stage was also jumping up and down. This is dyed with Wilton's violet, and it's just electric! It split into lovely shocking sky blues and bright clear violets, with deeper touches of "dye" for!

And last but not least is some yummy BFL that I dyed with Lanaset (yes, I do use "real" dyes too!) It came out nicely, I think, even though the navy didn't come out as dark as I wanted (I think I need to hand-paint for that).

Ok, and so it's not fiber (well, it is, technically, but you know what I mean!) I leave you with my favorite skein of yarn so far! This one was VERY hard to part with, because I think it's my most creative so far, too. It's domestic wool roving that was dyed in vivid blues and splashes of purple, with blue angelina throughout. I added cochineal dyed mohair locks to it, and it came out great, if I do say so myself! I LOVE it! It's called "Cosmic Prom" and it's on its way to Ashley as we speak!


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