Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Yarn Harlot HEALS!

Here it is, THE sock. The one that the Yarn Harlot touched. She has healed my hatred of the sock and inspired me to finish it today. That, and the fact that the Trekking XXL yarn that I've had sitting around for about 2 weeks is SCREAMING at me now, not just whimpering forlornly in its basket. I must cast on a pair of socks...of course, I must teach myself how to cast on with toe-up socks, since the only socks I've knit so far (all three of them) were top-down.

But check this out...look at the wonky toe. I followed the pattern and decreased the right way, but the toe is wonky and a little uncomfortable. I think if it stretches out even a touch it will be ok, so I'm NOT ripping back, just forget about it! The second sock, despite it being the exact type of sock I love for summer (they show off my bony ankles so nicely!) will be waiting...I MUST cast on socks with the Trekking yarn. So any ideas?


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