Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Excuses excuses...

I was so prepared to be a good blogger, I REALLY was! I was off to a good start, but things fell by the wayside. I'm still spinning and knitting like crazy, but I've been too busy to get pics taken, loaded onto the computer, edited, and posted (bitch bitch bitch, right?) My daughter turned TWO on March 20 (TWO! When the hell did that happen?!?!) so the week and a half or so before that was spent going a million places looking for Curious George party gear. My parents are retiring to Florida at the end of this week and so I spent the last week up there so they could load me up with the ENTIRE contents of their pantry and soak up as much of my now 2-year-old (!!!) daughter as humanly possible before they go, all while simultaneously trying to figure out how to get my DH to get a job down there so we can live somewhere where it's warm and there are lower taxes (although more Bushes...ah, trade offs!) And the next few weeks don't look to be much easier in the life keeps piling up category. I keep chipping away at the behemoth mess that is the new fiber room/basement-cum-family room. There WILL BE PICS, ON THIS I SWEAR!! Good fibery news, though, the skein of yarn pictured sold in my Etsy shop, which is TOO cool because the money is almost ALL MINE! So my DH is going to Kenya for 10 days with his high school bio students, so I have to get winter stuff away and spring stuff out so he has clothes to wear. And then 3 days after he leaves, I'm flying to Fla. with my daughter to visit the parents. Yes, I'm taking a 2 year old on a plane on Easter Sunday to Florida. ALONE. So if you're flying Southwest out of Philly on Easter Sunday heading to Tampa, I apologize in advance. The screaming, however, is most likely me.


Blogger natasha said...

crazy! the yarn looks super pretty.

ok, as for the brown fiber...it may have a different hue...but not by much. if it is pretty dark, like the color of chocolate, say, it really won't make much difference, and of course, depending on the type of brown it is, it is likely to make it more muddy, or just darker. you could make it black?

4/05/2006 12:37 PM  
Blogger natasha said...

oh, also, have you been selling any yarn lately? i have been totally crap for the last week or so. sigh.

4/05/2006 12:37 PM  

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