Friday, April 07, 2006

Updates updates updates!

Why is it that things always sound better in threes? Anyhoo...just to prove I haven't been completely idle, some FOs, UFOs, and fibery goodness!

My big project for now is Picovoli. I read about it while visiting natasha's archives, so I checked it out and LOVE it. I'm doing it in sky blue Cotton Fleece...vurrry pretty! This is my darling daughter Ella helping me out! I'm just finishing up the bust area, so still have a ways to go!

I always swore I wouldn't knit for my dog, no matter what size (and definitely not for an 80-pounder - like I don't have enough stuff on my list!) but apparently I knit this poncho for Buck and not Ella...poor Buck!

And just to prove I haven't been slacking all this time I've been away from my blog, here's an FO, a facecloth knit out of Linen Isle yarn from Plymouth Yarns. It's for my mom's new house, and it was knit in Chinese Waves pattern. I'm knitting another one out of a pale pink and a TBD pattern.

I will post yarns later, that will be available in my Etsy shop either later today or tomorrow. The toddler just woke up, and yes, it's almost 2:30 and I still need to take a shower! Off to scrub-a-dub-dub!


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