Friday, May 26, 2006

And then there was yarn....

Broken bobbin on the plying head, SO sad!

I know it's been awhile, dear blog, but I have been busy. Between fighting insomnia and exhaustion, and a sick toddler (who, of course, right before heading down the shore for the Memorial Day weekend, decided to share her head cold with yours truly) I promise I have been spinning! I LOVE MY LENDRUM! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I finally got a hold of the seller and she explained she'd been having email problems, but she called me long distance to make sure she was sending the right part, plus she let me keep the broken bobbin to see if I can fix it and use it at all. So all is well, the new big bobbin is on its way, and then plying and bulky yarny goodness can ensue. I joined a new Yahoo group so I 'm hoping there are enough people to help me with my myriad of questions - I know there's so much more to my wheel than the settings I've been using and the things I've been doing, and since Natasha and her Lendrum live so far away, I must content myself with trying to figure this stuff out by picking others' brains!

So here are some pics of my spinning so far. This is TWO bobbins full of 70% wool/30% mohair from Linden Lane Farm. Liz is a transplanted Philadelphian, and has GORGEOUS fibers! She sells through her site and through ebay (as lizcowdery - look her up!) and her fibers are to die for! Gorgeous colors - this one is called San Clemente, orange, berry, and lime green) and her batts are so light and full they practically draft themselves! The plying did not go all. I mean it. Like, only the first few yards plied, and the rest just ran alongside each other. So I have to try to get them back on bobbins without losing their twist, show some patience for the first time in my life and wait for the big bobbin to get here, and then try plying again - once I find out how to actually do it correctly!

There were going to be more pictures, like of my first thick n' thin yarn spun on my wheel, but apparently Blogger doesn't like me anymore, so it's not letting me upload any more pics. More pics later, and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


Blogger Kat said...

blogger doesn't like anyone's pictures right now. i've been having trouble posting them for a week or two!

yay! i would love to get together sometime for some fibery events, or even some kind of spin-in. glenolden is only about twenty miles away--not bad at all!

i love lendrums, by the way. though i spin on an ashford traveller. it's a good wheel, but it likes to squeak no matter how much i oil it.

6/10/2006 12:58 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

blegh, it's not letting me reply to your comment by email. Since I'm not too comfortable sending my address out in the blogworld, here's my email address:

Then when I have yours, I can send you my real address. :)

Oh, this is exciting! You so rock for wanting to do this! Really, I'm a color whore, so anything goes with me. But you can generally judge from what I've been eating lately (this sounds so gross, but it's true) what colors I like: apricots, strawberries, blue cheese...fresh spring foods.

What about you? What colors do you like best? Oh, and I guess we should figure out the weight of what will be dyed. What do you think? And would you want only one kind of fiber dyed or a whole explosion of different goodies in coordinating colors? The only fibers that are off limits from what I listed on my blog (as the main ingredient to a multiple-fiber spinning kit) would be the silk and the mohair. Otherwise, I have more than 4 ounces of each. :)

6/12/2006 9:48 PM  
Blogger natasha said...

please feel free to ask if you have questions! ok! you are welcome to call if you need to be talked through something. you are plying both yarns in the opposite direction that you spun them, right? and then holding even tension on both, having a strong pull in on the wheel, hold each ply on either side of the wheel and let em do thei thing...also, make it spin fast and let them go right in, don't hold it out for too long.

6/13/2006 10:36 AM  

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