Friday, October 27, 2006

And a one, and a two...

Ok, I'm going to follow the tip from darling Natasha and see if I can load pics from Flickr instead of through Blogger (which sucks royally in all picture uploading endeavors).

Remember Jaywalker? Remember how it didn't fit? Well, here it is:

The yarn is gorgeous and tempting, but it's in time-out until I decide if I want to try Jaywalker again larger. Sigh.

So, I'm a sock yarn slut, apparently. Can't stay away from the stuff, even if I haven't knit more than one successful pair of socks (ok, 2 if you count the pair for my daughter, but they were so small they almost don't count). Here's the beginning of a toe-up sock, I guess just a basic pattern.
I'm teaching myself toe-up, having never done it, and hope I did it right. The one side looks a little wonky, but I'm hoping it won't matter that much. The yarn is from here, her yarns are gorgeous! And SO soft! Look at that gorgeous color! That's "White Sage".

I have been spinning for Craftland. Here's a great little skein of yarn spun up from brown Corriedale from Hello Yarn and slubs and puffs from a fiber sampler from Yarnpunk. brownCorriedaleyarnpunkpuffs I LOVE this little skein of yarn, and want to keep it, but it will wing its way to Craftland soon enough. Sorry it's blurry, my camera sucks the big one lately.

Here's something I treated myself to, and I'm not spinning it up for anyone but me! swellyarnshoproving
On the left is "Frog Meets Girl", 8 oz. of merino, and on the right is "Mountain Fog", 8 oz. of BFL. I got them from A Swell Yarn Shop, and they were pricey, but worth it.

And there are FO's, too! CHRISTMAS ones! Here's Soliel pre-blocking.
Hey, Col, should I block before the crocheting, or after?

And here's another FO that was supposed to be a Christmas present for the DH last year, but things sort of, um, came up and it sat with one arm to go until yesterday. I threw the arm on, and now it's blocking (and hopefully it will be dry before DH gets home and wants to get into our bedroom, where it's sitting, still damp, under the ceiling fan blasting away on high - in 45 degree weather!) I mostly want to get the bottom to stop rolling, so hopefully it will work.
It's the Berkshire Pullover from "Weekend Knitting". I knit it out of the Morehouse Merino bulky in Oatmeal, which is a gorgeous yarn, but not too sturdy. If I had been more aware of online resources, I would have probably found a yarn substitute - I found a few blogs recently that did it out of Cascade Ecowool, and that would have been a better choice for the DH, but oh well. What bugs me a bit is I bought the required amount of yarn (at $130!!!!) but still have THREE skeins left over! Hmm. Either it's a scam, or I did something wrong - except that I have exactly the right measurements. So what's a girl to do with 3 skeins of bulky merino yarn - 306 total yards?

And speaking of ideas for projects, I have 4 skeins of GORGEOUS handpainted mohair yarn from Houndscroft Farm that I don't know what to do with! There's 452 yards total. A shawl or something seems best, but I don't know. I'm not skilled enough at the maths to think up something myself, and mohair doesn't seem to be a good beginner lace project yarn, if you know what I mean.

I do have some Peruvian Baby Cashmere yarn from Elann in a pretty blue color (Starlight Blue) to knit a Swallowtail Shawl from IK (I was going to use the Peruvian Baby Silk like BrooklynTweed did - yes, I'm such a follower - of good, cheap yarn substitutions! - but didn't like the colors that were left), and some Peruvian Quechua in a pretty sand color for something else. I saw both on BrooklynTweed's blog, and they're just SO beautiful, I want to try them both. Of course, I've never knit lace, but they seem to both be decent beginner patterns, since neither use "laceweight" yarn, which is intimidating when you don't knit lace. and I want to find something to use this yarn for - I LOVE the natural colors, like Walnut. SO yummy.

Well, I've blabbed on long enough, and it's bedtime for the little one, so off I go! I leave you with this, a pic of the thinnest yarn I've spun to date. It's sitting in a center-pull ball waiting for me to ply it (I was a dope and just sat down and spun it all onto one bobbin, instead of splitting it onto 2 for easier plying).

Oh, hey, and Natasha, can you take a look at these plying samples and tell me what I can do? I'm trying to ply with thread, and you can see in some spots it works, and in others it doesn't. How do you keep the thread from snagging and tangling?
Oh, and Natasha? Thanks for the tip! This is WAY less stressful! Smooooch!


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