Wednesday, September 06, 2006

More FOs!

Here is the Corriedale pencil roving from Kat all spun up into a pretty 2-ply yarn, probably a chunky/bulky yarn (I haven't checked the WPI yet). It's soooo pretty and the pencil roving was a dream to spin, just pre-draft and let it glide through your fingers. I only used one hand, it was that easy! Must. Get. More. Pencil. Roving. Here is a closeup of the cabled sock. I figured the other pic didn't really show the cabling, so how were you to know I wasn't lying?! Please forgive the blurry pics, for some reason my camera has decided it doesn't want to work too well with knitted things lately. Stupid camera. Hey, Santa! A new camera would be nice!
This is a baby hat knit for little baby Nate (welcome Nate!!!) out of a skein of Rowan Summertweed yarn. I knit this from the Last-Minute Knitted Gifts book, which called for Mission Falls Cotton, but I couldn't find it at my LYS and didn't want to have to order it. The Rowan Summertweed was GORGEOUS to knit with and knit to gauge. Very cute hat, quick knit, I will definitely knit some more of these hats!
This shot is for Colleen. This is the Irish Hiking Scarf. I started this scarf last summer when I first started knitting. She had been knitting one, too, and I thought it would be great as my first cabling project. Especially when I found this gorgeous chocolate milk colored alpaca yarn at AC Moore, called Alpaka (I have NO idea who makes it, and haven't found any info on it online - but it's still available at AC Moore). I LOVE THIS SCARF! I am completely besotted with cables, so this scarf is sheer perfection. I didn't block it yet, because I'm trying to decide if I want to or not. I kind of like it just the way it is.
Here's another skein of yarn I spun up. I just grabbed a bunch of fibers out of my stash with about 2 ounces of white merino roving, and went to town. There's natural brown llama, some yellow and pink bunny crack (angora), some pale blue and pale purple blended superwash merino batts, and some navy blue merino. Kinda neat, huh?
Oh, and just a note, my yarns at Purple, Pink, and Orange (I'm the featured designer on their homepage, too!) are on sale 10% through October, and my yarns in my Etsy store have all been marked down. My yarns at Yarn Rescue are selling quickly, so check them out, too - and there will be new yarns there in the next 2 weeks or so (and check out the cute banner down the page for my yarns - so cool!)


Blogger RC said...

Pretty Pretty! I CANNOT BELIEVE you FINALLY finished the Irish Hiking scarf! Epic!

9/06/2006 7:09 PM  
Blogger natasha said...

don't be scared of going to the yarn stores...make sure you have a good idea of your prices, write them down or print them out with your info for them to call you (i learned this the hard way) and take a small sample skein of each kind of yarn you make for them to keep. i have had fantastic experiences with yarn stores, these people love yarn...and you MAKE yarn. they will love you! who wouldn't?

9/12/2006 11:55 PM  

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