Sunday, October 22, 2006

My fingers are on FIRE!

I must "squee!" with joy, first and foremost, at the fact that my pics actually loaded! SQUEEEEEEE!

Ok, so I know I have about 50 skeins of yarn that I want to spin and send to Craftland (more, if I can do it, because, hell, better to have more selection than less, right?) Really, I do know this. Honest. So, here are all the things I'm doing instead of spinning... Here is the handspun sampler scarf FINIS! Spun with some of my own handspun (2 oz. of different fibers that I'd spun when I was first spindle-spinning), plus handspun from Lulubeans, Pippikneesocks, and probably some others I'm forgetting. Cool, huh? I lurve it!
This is a scarf I knit for Ella since the handspun scarf came out too wide for her (I didn't plan that, honest!) This is knit lengthwise (SO much more fun for some reason - I love scarves, but knitting them is painful!) with yarn orphans from Yarn Wench. So pretty! It's pretty long, and I almost snagged it for myself, but felt bad. It's so cute and girly, perfect for a 2-and-a-half year old princess.
This is a lengthwise scarf I knit for myself out of Blue Sky Alpaca bulky. Two skeins of dark brown, one of the Handpaints in a pretty grey with a touch of pale blue. SOOOOOO FREAKIN' SOFT!
This is the progress I've made on Soleil. I'm working one of the front sides, just have to finish up maybe a dozen rows, then finish the right front side, stitch the shoulders, figure out how to do a single chain of crochet around the neck and arms, and that's a Christmas present down, baby!
And to show you I actually AM spinning when I'm not knitting a ton of winter accessories, here's a pile o' yarn. There are 20 skeins here - I'm well on my way, and I have yarn I can pull off my Etsy shop and from Yarn Rescue if I need to.
This is "Ghoulish", skein #21! It's still drying, but I took pics before soaking it. It's for sale in my Etsy shop (I think I'm going to spend the next week listing most of what I'm sending to Craftland on Etsy - I figure it's cheap to list, so if a yarn doesn't sell by the time I need to mail things to Craftland, I can pull it - and if it sells before then, YIPPEE!) This is almost 6 oz. and 86.5 yards of black merino spun with fiber from a batt by Natasha. It's TOTALLY cool - some spots are just plain stretches of black merino, some are just fiber from the batt (a blend of wools, ingeo, angelina in a bunch of different colors like charcoal grey - where the HELL do you get CHARCOAL GREY angelina?!?! - silks, bits of other yarn), some are a barberpole of merino/batt fiber, and in some spots there are just random slubs of fiber stuck in long stretches of black merino. So great! I really love it! Go buy it (or just show it some Etsy lovin'!)

Apparently there really IS a 5-pic limit! I had loaded a pic of the Checks n' Charms hat and mitten set from Knitpicks that I knit for my daughter, and it didn't load! Huh. I guess that means I'll have to post again tomorrow!


Blogger RC said...

WOW everything looks great!
Congrats again on the Craftland

LMK you schedule and I'll help you with the crochet parts! (I am the crochet Queen, ya know!)

10/23/2006 11:11 AM  
Blogger natasha said...

i dunno if i gave you this advice before, but rather than ever load pics via blogger, i go to flickr, click on the picture, then there is a thingy that says "all sizes" you pick the size you want, it then gives you the code for the pic, cut and paste it into your blogger post and it is there. as many as you want. easy peasy. let me know if you need any help on it. i figured it out the hard way and it is so much easier!

the yarn looks awesome! and the scarves do too...i do handspun on biiiig needles. it is still warm wrapped around your neck and it goes a long long way. and it is quick!

10/24/2006 8:21 PM  

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