Friday, December 01, 2006

Now THAT'S service!

I just want to share an online yarn shopping experience I just had! What? Online yarn shopping? You?!?! Well, yeah, I guess. See, I did a good thing by, ulp, finally getting up the nerve to frog Clapotis, since I figure I will NEVER find more yarn like that. So I went stash diving, and found 4 skeins of Manos in the same colorway. So I figured, YAY, stash knitting is great, especially right before Christmas! I knew I would need at least one more skein, so I searched high and low and found a shop that sells the colorway (it's #25, and the skeins I have are old, with old tags, and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find it anywhere - I only found it one or two places). So I Googled, and found it cheapest at Flying Fingers. I ordered 2 skeins yesterday afternoon, and was told they'd shipped yesterday, too. At only $3.99 for the shipping, I figured they were maybe shipping parcel post and I would have it by the beginning of next week. No biggie. Imagine my surprise when I opened my door early this afternoon and saw a box from them sitting on my porch! Wow! That's some EXCELLENT service! I'm already incorporating it into Clapotis (it's more pink than green, unlike my other skeins, so I'm going to work it in every few rows). I'm SO thrilled, and I highly recommend shopping with Flying Fingers! (Oh, yeah, and I'm just about to start the straight section, so hopefully I will have it done this weekend - or maybe early next week!)


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