Thursday, August 09, 2007

I know, I know...

I was supposed to have a picture of the completed Icicle sock, but I am sick and feeling poopy and didn't feel like getting the sock on, and finding good light, and actually bending over to take the pic (besides, bending over with the way my nose is running? Let's just say I wouldn't want boogers on my new sock!) So I didn't take the pic yet. Maybe over the weekend. Maybe I'll even have TWO socks to show you - not that I'm all that far along with the second sock, but a simple stockinette sock is just what my aching head, tired eyes, and dripping nose needs.

So, why am I taking time out of laying on the couch moaning to myself to blog? I wanted to give 2 thumbs up to Annie Modesitt and her latest book, "Romantic Hand Knits". I got the chance to peruse it at the bookstore, and while I'm not lining up to knit any skirts anytime soon, and while there were a few nose-wrinkle worthy patterns, I was THRILLED to see that so many of them went to 50" bust measurements OR HIGHER. That just ROCKS! To acknowledge that we "well-endowed" women like to dress a little sexy sometimes is just great! Thank you Annie!


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