Thursday, February 02, 2006

Little brown sweater, how I love thee!

And Colleen, too! Colleen is a project saver! I bring little brown alpaca sweater to her house last night for some ER treatment. She lays it out on the table, we discuss what should have happened and if it's such a big deal to what is essentially going to be under my arm and seamed, and as she runs her hand along the seam, she says "What the HECK is this?!" Hmmm...somehow it seems instead of binding off 10 stitches in purl at the beginning of one of the rows, I just purled away, and when I got back to that side, did the BO at the next row like I was supposed to! So there were 10 little orphaned stitches crying all alone...and falling apart in the process. Sad little stitches. And those 10 sad little stitches were exactly the ones I was missing to BO at the beginning of the next row! THAT'S why I was 10 stitches and 2 rows off! Sheesh! So somehow Colleen was able to pick them up, get them back in the game, and help me frog back to them. Of course, I didn't have the foresight to bring more yarn with me, so I was only able to get myself back to the point where I still have to finish off the 2 rows I didn't think I'd be able to finish off, but they're there! YAY Colleen!


Blogger RC said...

Yeah me!Actually it was fun to maul the sweater a bit... its sooo soft and squishy! Can't wait till you get it DONE!

Rabid Crafter

2/02/2006 3:27 PM  

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