Thursday, February 16, 2006

Kitty Kate c'est finis!

Kate is DONE! Done done done! I'm so thrilled at how she came out, and at how quickly she knit up. Isn't she adorable? I'm thinking of doing her in green and blue, and then waiting to see what gender my friend's little spawn is going to be and knitting one up for him/her/it, too! I actually finished her this morning, just had to sew on the missing limbs (which went better than I thought, since I am absolute crap at sewing) and wanted to post as soon as she was done, but Blogger was being a pain, so NOW here she is!

Does it matter really in the grand scheme of blogging that I didn't get to post it this morning? Like, I was going to post this morning that she was done, but then when Blogger wouldn't let me post pics, I was going to post that Blogger wasn't letting me post, but then decided to wait till now...and does that really matter? Hmm...


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