Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Honest Injun

I'm working, really I am! I just find it so time-consuming sometimes to log on and blog. But I have pics and goodies to share. I've been feeling really creative lately, and have decided to use some of the wool sweaters I picked up to felt and then needle felt - maybe make hangings or something with them. I go through phases where I feel totally drained of any creativity, and then I suddenly feel this fire within me. So I'm going to knit and felt and then needle felt neckwrap thingies for fall, I'm going to keep spinning and screw up my courage to go to the two LYSs in the area and see if they'll dedicate a tiny space for my handspun, and I'm going to use the felted sweaters to make bags, art pieces, maybe some stuffed animals like this. I know, I know, I can't sew to save my life, so I think the recycled fabric stuffed animals will be a challenge, but that's ok. I can hack it. Ha ha.

The fiber for my swap with Kat is almost done! Just 2 more ounces of fiber to dye, and I'll be all done but the drying. We want to get together, but I don't know when we're going to do it, since we're going down the shore the next 2 weekends, and then up to Maine for 2 weeks for my hubby to take a course at COA. I can't wait to go to Acadia! All my life, for some reason, Acadia and Oregon have been the 2 places I've held at the highest level of outdoorsiness (is that a word?) and nature. I have this wacko dream of living in a house on the cliffs in either Maine or Oregon. Of course, I hate extreme cold, and get too depressed for words when it rains for too long, so I think my dream will remain only that (not to mention we're broke and can't even afford to buy a detached home, destined to be stuck in our rowhome with our psycho bitch neighbor for eternity).

I firmly believe in the credo that you don't discuss politics or religion with strangers, but I feel I have to say something about a subject that affects us all, regardless of race, religion, political leaning, anything. We got to see An Inconvenient Truth last weekend. We went to the Ritz in Philly, which I love for their great, niche indie movies. If you care about your own life, your children, your grandchildren, hell, your dog, you must go see this movie. Al Gore (who was robbed, I think, but that's neither here or there) shows such passion and intensity for his subject matter, and makes such a strong, logical (not emotional) argument, that it truly amazes me that there are people out there who just don't get it. I spent the entire movie shaking and trying not to cry. It just boggles my mind that the evidence is RIGHT THERE in black and white, and there are still people who firmly believe what's happening is just a natural, cyclical change. Bullshit. Pull your heads out of your asses, people! Just because cataclysmic changes in our climate may not happen in our lifetimes, I personally would rather my child not have to worry about plagues, monster hurricanes, horrible heatwaves, and beachfront property in Philadelphia. Such minor changes can help, and it starts with each one of us.

Ok, ok, I'm done. I leave you with yarn pics - these are going out to Yarn Rescue before the weekend, so Lynnell should have them up soon. Have I mentioned how much I love my wheel? I mean, LOVE my wheel. It just brings me to such a happy place, I can almost forget about the vast ignorance on our leadership's part regarding the global warming issue (ok, ok, really, I'm done this time).

Hmm...apparently I need to get back on my wheel to get back to the happy place that Blogger has ripped me from. It will not let me post pics. Again. I hate Blogger. Spin happy thoughts...

PS - Jon Stewart for President, 2008!


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Just keep spinning, just keep spinning...

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