Thursday, July 27, 2006

Maine Part 2

I personally find cliffs jutting out to the sea to be just about the most perfect "scenery" ever, and Acadia National Park has always held a sway over me because of that. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Acadia, so being 5 minutes from the park was heaven for me! I only wish we could have done more in the park, but it was hard being on my own with Ella, who is still slave to her naptime! And she napped like a champ up in Maine, a good 2-3 hours a day. I got a lot of spinning done, let me tell you! Thank goodness for my wheel, the portable DVD player and the first season of the Gilmore Girls on DVD! These pics are the view from the Ocean Trail hiking to Otter Cliffs (go here for better pics than mine!). We were able to do this on the weekend because my husband was out of class and I was able to carry the diaper bag, camera, and specimen bucket while he carried Ella, who decided the second the trail got a little uneven that she was out of her league. It was great! The tide was coming in by the time we got to where we wanted to be (an area DH had been to with his class that would have been full of tide pools for Ella to poke around in) so we didn't do too much poking, but it was breathtaking, anyway!

The best part was driving (no hiking with a 2-year-old past her bedtime!) to the top of Cadillac Mountain to see sunset. Ahh, bliss! Blogger of course has decided NO MORE PICS FOR ME! There will be more, but Ella needs a nap, so I'll have to post part 3 of our trip to Maine later!

We're back from Ba Haba!

Ok, now that I've fully recovered (I think!) from our trip through torrential rains for 12 hours straight, I can post pics of our beautiful, wonderful, better than I'd dreamed trip to Maine! Yes, it kind of sucked living in a college dorm again (especially with a 2 year old - who knew dorms were so freakin' LOUD!?) but the cafeteria food was actually good, and there were so many things for us to do while DH was in class day to day!

Here's the view from the cafeteria. No, really. You could see Frenchman's Bay and the fishing and lobster boats right from the booths in the cafe. Pretty cool! I wish it had been a better pic, and a slightly clearer day (who would have thought that fog would be such an omnipresent and alive thing up there? It was wacky!)

The school has a rocky beach called "Pebble Beach" that is actually right down the hill from that overhang in the first pic. It's small, and not really conducive to sunning or anything, but Ella had a BALL at it just about every day! It amazes me how little regard for cold water kids have - the water is wicked cold all the time, but she'd be in up to her knees before you could stop her! And the look on her face when she tripped backwards over that rock and ended up up to her chin in cold water - priceless! She loved climbing the big rocks, and this little crevice she's digging in held a little pool of water and some snails - my child is nothing if not easily amused! One of the many great things about her!

And once AGAIN Blogger bites the big one in deciding that two pictures are quite enough, thank you. I guess this means I'll have to post again.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

u g h

Yes, we're back. No, I'm not telling you how everything was or loading pics or anything like that. We drove TWELVE hours straight today (ok, I drove 12 hours straight today) with only 2 stops, through torrential downpours most of the way from Maine to PA, and I'm ready to die.

We're alive, but that's about it.

Oh, and new Black Cat yarns at Yarn Rescue.

Someone bury me where I fall, please.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Technology sucks

Having problems with my laptop not connecting to the internet (connects just FINE to my network, but not to the server - anyone have any ideas?) so I had to reload pics from the weekend onto my desktop to get them posted. Only have time to post pics of the new kitty, since it's off to bed early for a wedding tomorrow and then getting up at 3 AM Sunday morning for a 12-hour drive to Maine for 2 weeks! Kitty's name is Groucho and we adopted him at Petsmart in Cape May via the Cape May County Animal Shelter (it's right near my in-laws' shore house). Here he is!! He's settling in quite nicely with the other Three Stooges, and he and the dog don't seem to mind each other, either!
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