Monday, January 15, 2007

We have a winnah!


I won a contest over at Mama-Scrapalotta! I never win anything, and I keep entering contests on people's blogs, but never win! This inspires me to have my own contest. My first blogiversary is Jan. 18, so I will be posting a contest that day for either handspun yarn (for knitters) or handdyed fiber (for spinners). Hopefully by then I'll have shaken the headcold from hell I picked up from my daughter!

And I am also going to be having a DESTASHING SALE on my blog this week - as soon as the clouds clear a bit and I have the energy to take pics!

Gratuitous yarn shot - "Wood Nymph", a new skein at my Etsy shop - 134 yards of Falklands dyed by the lovely and uber-talented Yarn Wench, spun with Cotswold lamb locks from Frene Creek. Yummers!


Blogger holly said...

oh boy! a contest!!

1/16/2007 11:09 PM  

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