Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Or should I say "Squeeeeeee!!"

Or maybe "Hell, YEAH!"

I just got my unsold inventory back from Craftland. I sent 45 skeins, and got only 18 back! And most of what I sold was the slightly more expensive stuff! I made some pretty nice dough, let me tell you!! I am SO totally stoked!!! Of course, it has to go to defray my credit card purchases as of late (and is only a tiny drop in the bucket, let me tell you!) but it renews my faith in what I'm doing! Hopefully it will drum up more business at Yarn Rescue, and if I expand to consign anywhere else. Etsy sales are so-so - I'm selling more fiber than yarn (which is nothing to sneeze at! I'm having a ball with the drumcarder!) but it's SO flooded with handspun yarn. I must find new places to sell my stuff!

So, go me, go me! A little pat on my back from myself. I'm feeling good right now!

Oh, and hey Col, remind me to take a pic of my CROCHET SWATCH!


Blogger RC said...

go you, go you! good deal!

oh and holy crap, you crocheted a swatch? really? muh-haha... come over to the crochet side....

1/10/2007 12:34 PM  
Anonymous faun said...

hey- good job! it feels nice to do better than you expected.. continue on, gal- you are wonderful at it.

1/11/2007 9:16 AM  
Blogger Tala said...

Thanks Faun! You rock!

1/11/2007 2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, that is awesome about craftland!!

1/13/2007 12:12 AM  
Anonymous Lynnell said...

Oh wow! I am SOOOO happy for you! That is quite a sell. Good for you, good for you. --now don't spend it all in one place, ya hear? :)

1/15/2007 8:48 PM  

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