Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Drumroll please!

Well, it's official! Ashley at Neauveau has posted my yarns! I'm SO excited, and I know it's totally lame, but I keep visiting the site to 1) check and see if any have sold already (optimistic, huh?) and b) to just look at the gorgeous pics she posted of my yarns! She did a great job, and I'm beyond over-the-moon about it! I emailed my mom, my knitting friend, and my best friend the second they posted just to share! If I weren't sick today, I'd be happy-dancing all over the place! And I've got a bundle of yarn to go out to Amy at purplepinkandorange.com. Hopefully I'll have beat the beast that is currently residing in my nose and sinuses and be able to get them out tomorrow like I promised. YAY me! And I also can't WAIT to see what yarns Ashley posts. She always has the most gorgeous and interesting yarns, and I know she will TROUNCE all over my measly skills, but I can't help it, I wait on pins and needles!

On another note, I came back from visiting the 'rents over the weekend (they are soon to abandon me to retire to Florida...ugh) and there were BOXES of fiber all over my house! DH had gotten them all off the porch over the weekend, and they were everywhere! Besides a gorgeous print of a tree (I have a weird thing for trees...especially bare-branched and all misty with fog...wow) that I bought off of Etsy for my "new" fiber room (which still needs some cleaning out and then some paint slapped on it to be totally done) everything was fibery! I got some merino to spin from one of my favorite ebay sellers, some gorgeous batts from another ebay seller whom I really love, a couple of which her children actually made up! I'll have to post pics later, they're really gorgeous! And I got 8 oz. of recycled sari silk off ebay that is so shiny and pretty! I'm already spinning up some yarn with it, with fiber I got from Mary Jane's Attic. The silk is a bit tangly, but still a lot of fun to work with!


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