Thursday, February 02, 2006

Presenting...The Ever Elusive Raven

Here she is, the other half of Black Cat Handspun! I found her new hidey-hole tonight. We're emptying out our spare "junk" room that my husband likes to call a study and allowing me to take it over for my very own before my fiber takes the rest of the house over (let me tell you, right now it's 1-0 fiber!) Our desk has been cleared off in preparation for bringing it down to our finished (and newly refinished) basement, so Raven found herself a little place to be out of the way. Good for her!

Oh, and here she is playing Parrot to my hubby's Pirate. That's my hubby...ain't he cute! Raven got shut in our daughter's bedroom when we put her to bed, so was very disgruntled that she'd missed out on any attention that might have been doled out to the other cats while she was incarcerated. When I adopted her from an SPCA, she drove the hour and a half back to my apartment just like that, on my shoulders doing 70 down the Northeast Extension...she's a weird, weird animal!

And the Hug she is done! Pics tomorrow when I can get one taken. I LOVE it! I would make the back wider next time, and probably try it on circs or DPNs just to avoid seaming, but it came out great if I do say so m'self!


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