Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fair isle and FOs and Etsy, oh my!

I have been a busy little girl lately! I took a fair isle class at my LYS, and I'm SO excited! Fair isle has been demystified! It's SO MUCH EASIER THAN IT LOOKS! I am a fair isleing fool! The class project was a hat, which I finished the morning after the class...for my daughter (the purple hat). I then went back the next day to knit for a bit before the snowstorm hit too badly and to pick up more yarn to make more hats! Cathy at the shop is the sweetest person ever! I'm forever amazed at people who can remember other people's names. I'm terrible with names, but Cathy remembers everyone! She rocks. I asked if she was hiring weekend and evening help, and she said she'd let me know. I'm hoping she is, because she seems like she'd be a doll to work for (and I HATE working, so you can imagine what a sweetie she must be!) The first hat is the one I made for my daughter, which she promptly pulled off when I put it on her (there will be braided ties for her hat in the near future!). The second hat is for my mom's best friend's daughter. The light color in the fair isle is a pretty pale sage green. Next will be one for the hubby (with a different pattern - any suggestions?), and then finally one for me!

Here's something else that's got me all excited! A UFO has become an FO...well, at least an off the needles still needs to be seamed and felted. It's the laptop bag from Alterknits in Cascade Pastaza. I've been working on it forever and a day, and now that I'm actually using my laptop more to manage my yarn sales, I find a bag would be a handy thing! It measures 58 inches prefelting...and doesn't bow in like that, the edges were rolling in on me. I will try to seam it tonight and felt it tomorrow, but I have a self-imposed mission to get more done to empty out my room and get it painted, so I might be doing that instead (fun fun fun!)

And finally, I have an Etsy shop! I have 5 yarns listed so far, and will be spinning more up tomorrow. Unfortunately, I also now have another venue to BUY things, but hopefully will be selling yarns to make up for it!


Blogger RC said...

When are you going to felt that bag?? Just get it done girl!

Your Etsy looks good! Congrats!

2/14/2006 10:45 AM  

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