Thursday, January 18, 2007

And now we are one

Well, the blog is one. It's my first blogiversary!

I had grand plans for a contest and a destashing sale and a whole bunch of FOs and WIPs. But I still have a fever after 4 days, and really just want to crawl into a hole and drown in mucus. I will chatter on a little bit, but the contest will have to wait until tomorrow.

Here it is, a blog entry in 4 movements.

I. Reports of Clapotis have been greatly exaggerated.

Remember way back when when I bragged all over my skeelz, that I would have Clapotis done by that weekend? Yeah, well, that didn't happen. In fact, it's still not done. Case in point:


That would be Clapotis, 3 skeins of Manos down, and just about halfway done. HALFWAY. Over a MONTH later. I blame it on project polygamy - I can't have just one project going, and sometimes the new projects are just, um, better (ask me if Kepler's been blocked and seamed yet...)

II. FO's


Here is yet ANOTHER pair of socks, and the first FO of the new year! Monkey! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Monkey socks! Knit in Socks that Rock Chapman Springs lightweight. I knit them on my Crystal Palace size 2 DPNs, and the only change I made was using a knitted cast-on (which takes longer, but I like because I don't need to estimate how much yarn to use!) Are there 2 socks, or just one sock on 2 feet? Well, I couldn't rest BOTH feet on the back of the chair to get natural light, could I? Trust me, they're both done! Look at that detail:


And check out that heel! Wow. Perfection! (The other heel is too!)


I LOVED this pattern and will definitely knit it again!

III. WIPs and stash enhancement

Because I can't resist having more than, um, 4 projects on the needles at once, I started the Faux Fair Isle sweater in Spin to Knit. I am using yarn handspun by Misshawklet for the yoke, and I added to my stash through someone else's destash 3 skeins of chocolate brown Cascade Ecological wool for the body. Loverly!


Here's a closeup of the color change (I'm loving it!!)


And I have added to my stash for Eunny's GORGEOUS Anemoi mittens. I have 3 different color combos, but I think that's going to be my contest, so I'll share them (and the prizes!) tomorrow. My camera is on the fritz, and only holding a little bit of charge, so I have no pics of the prizes yet.

And I bought some Rowan 4-ply at Jimmy Beans Wool (it's on saaaale!) for the Erte cloche by Marnie Maclean. Ohhh, tweedy goodness!


I love tweed!


I've saved the best for last, I guess. I am having a bit of a destashing sale. There is a flickr set here, and each item has a comment by me giving details about the yarn, and costs. I accept paypal only. I guess if you want anything, email me at talamorgan at erols dot com. Put "destash" or something to that effect in the subject line so I don't delete you as spam! THANKS!

Well, that was a bit of a let-down since I really wanted to have a first blogiversary contest, but hopefully by tomorrow my camera will have some charge (anyone have a Kodak DX4530 with charging problems?) and I can take pics of some prizes - for spinners and knitters!

Cough cough cough - I'm off to drown in mucus!


Blogger Kat said...

Oooh, pretty tweed! I've been on such a big tweed kick that hubster has banned me from shopping for a few months (too bad, because I would have loved to lighten your stash a bit!). Right now, I'm knitting a sweater out of the discontinued Rowanspun DK in "Thorn." I'm about seven inches up one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's seamless sweaters (thankfully, I finally got the hang of continental knitting).

I'll send you an email soon. Things have been crazy around here lately, what with trying to buy a house. I hope you feel better soon. I just got over the flu, and now I'm on some hardcore painkillers for a root canal that went horribly wrong. Eek!

1/18/2007 10:16 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Hi Amanda, you commented on my blog about my shaw "Filigree Leaf." The pattern is my adaptation of a Herbert Niebling vintage lace tablecloth pattern. I worked the pattern to row 80 and then added a border from Gathering of Lace.

Love your socks!

Best, Melissa

1/22/2007 11:03 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

i hope you are feeling better! man, I should hire you to make me socks. waah! soooo pretty!!

1/26/2007 9:01 PM  

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