Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bar Island Adventure

These pictures are from one of the coolest things we saw on the trip. Right across from Bar Harbor in Frenchman's Bay is a wooded island named, appropriately enough, Bar Island. At low tide, you can walk down Bridge St. in Bar Harbor DIRECTLY ACROSS TO THE ISLAND! How freakin' cool is that?!? See that car in the first pic? That car would be underwater at high tide. I wish I had taken a pic of the wall of the building that was right at the edge of town overlooking the bar. You can see the high tide line on it, and it's HIGH! I mean, it's so fascinating to think that the low tide is that low, so low you can walk across the ocean! Blew my mind! The third pic is the bar from the top of Cadillac Mt. on a foggy day, and the pic next to it is Bar Harbor from the mountain's peak, with Bar Island being the larger island to the left. And here are Ella and Daddy getting all mucky walking around looking in tide pools for neat creepy crawlies! So. Freakin'. Cool. Too bad the woman at the whale watching booth where we asked for directions to Bridge St. told us the wrong tide times, because we thought we'd only get 30 minutes or so until the tide came in - so we didn't risk going over to the actual island. Turns out hubby's chart was right, and we got over an hour. That's ok, Ella was cranky and wanted to be carried everywhere about 20 minutes into the adventure, so it wouldn't have been much fun for her, anyway.


Blogger Kat said...

Wow, I wish I'd known about this place when I went to Maine! Maybe next time.

8/05/2006 10:56 AM  

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